David Boyd illustrated Jeff Foxworthy’s first You Might Be a Redneck If...TM book in 1990. Nineteen years and 16 books later Boyd is still bringing Foxworthy’s hilarious jokes to life through his drawings.

He has also illustrated countless
You Might Be a Redneck If...TM t-shirts, calendars and greeting cards, in addition to creating the sculpts for a series of redneck figurines called “Foxworthy Folks.”

Apart from his work with Foxworthy, Boyd is a nationally acclaimed political cartoonist, for which he has won several prestigious awards. He is a native of Washington, Georgia and lives in Newnan, Georgia with his wife, Rosalyn.

Thanks to the unusual combination of politics and rednecks, Boyd has drawn more than 9,000 cartoons over the years. “I’ve made a pretty good living doing what I would have done for nothing,” he says…and made a lot of us laugh along the way.
® Jeff Foxworthy, © 2012. J. Foxworthy and D. Boyd.

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